We partner with you to paint the vision for your institution and ensure you have what it takes to get there. Whether that is engaging in your enterprise or divisional planning processes, conducting industry, market, or peer analysis, plan drafting or financial modeling – we have what it takes to design & secure your future as a community or regional institution.

The NBS Group, Your Trusted Partner to Transform Banking with a
Tailored Combination of Strategy, Technology, and Performance Improvement Services.


M&A Advisory services

Our expertise and dedication to the financial services market bring about a unique ability to help institutions navigate the challenges brought about by economic and business cycles and positions NBS to offer Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services fully tailored to your institution’s circumstances.  Whether the focus is on acquiring or on being acquired, NBS can support the full cycle of analysis, financial modeling, communication, due diligence, negotiation, and integration. NBS specializes in mutual bank-to-mutual bank merger opportunities and will provide fully compliant Purchase Accounting services.



With the rise of new Fintechs and Banking as a Service companies, it is essential to have the necessary technology to stay competitive. At The NBS Group, our technology team focuses on strategic technology planning, vendor assessments, benchmarking, and vendor selection and contracting. By partnering with us, you can establish a solid foundation to drive your success in the years ahead.



From comprehensive corporate strategic plans to technology planning and board facilitation, we have the expertise and experience to ensure your institution thrives in today’s competitive market. Join the trusted financial institutions who have already partnered with us and unlock the full potential of your institution.  With a focus on cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions, we will help you secure a prosperous future.


Our strategy services vary – from comprehensive development of your corporate strategic plan, to building the strategy for a line-of-business or division, technology planning, or just facilitating Board and/or management planning meetings.


Strategy is for the Board and the management team to help unify organizational direction, create momentum, and provide roadmaps and action plans with measurable goals.

Writing/updating your strategic plan

Preparing and facilitating planning sessions

Performing M&A analysis and targeting

Preparing branch and digital market analysis

Completing financial planning, modeling, and providing industry updates

Conducting peer analysis, board/staff surveys, staff benchmarking, etc.



With over four decades of experience collaborating with financial services organizations, The NBS Group is unmatched in its understanding of the financial industry. Our expertise spans bank business, technology, and operations, complemented by a deep knowledge of industry risk, compliance, and financial management.

We know where the industry has been and we see where it is going

Our experienced professionals actively identify, engage with, and continuously monitor emerging industry trends. We regularly publish thought leadership content and our senior professionals are frequently invited to speak at state, national, and technology events within the industry.


A trusted partner in financial institution strategic advisory services for over 35 years. From de novo to community, super-community, and small regional banks across the US, we bring our expertise to help you navigate the complexities of the industry. We know financial services strategy.

We have a Tailored and Collaborative Approach

With a tailored and collaborative approach, The NBS Group ensures that techniques are selected in engaging executives, board members, and middle managers to drive effective outcomes. Trust us to bring out the best in your team and achieve your business goals.